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Michelle Harrison-Williams

Fear, limited beliefs, and unclear goals cripple people from living their full potential.


People are further handicapped by not having access to an encouraging confidant with powerful, transformational tools to help them negotiate and sustain change. 


I became a professionally trained life coach saving my life and my dreams.

As a skilled and competent NLP Master Practitioner, I help individuals:

  • Clarify and set clear obtainable goals

  • Challenge limiting beliefs and overcome personal obstacles

  • Create and revise effective action plans

  • Commit to and take radical action

  • Monitor and track progress for successful outcomes

  • Recognize and celebrate success

Through Compassionate Conversations Life Coaching, I empower my clients to access their inner wisdom and passionately pursue their abundant lives.   




As Your Life Coach,
I promise to:

  • Remind you that you are not broken.

  • Ask you the tough questions.

  • Give you room to access your internal wisdom. 

  • Support you in determining your desired next steps.

  • Recognize that you are the expert on your own life.

  • Remember that only you know what is best for you.


As your life coach,
I promise not to:

  • Give you advice.

  • Tell you what to do.

  • Pretend I know more about you than I do.

  • Assume what is best for you. 

  • Have all the answers.

  • Make difficult situations and trials go away.



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