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Michelle Harrison-Williams


Michelle has helped me gain life-shifting clarity. Thanks to her openness, patience and insightful questions I was changing from session to session and finally I was able to leave a bad situation I had been in for years. Thank you, Michelle!​

Katarina D


"Michelle helped me finally integrate parts of me that were in conflict. For almost a year I’ve tried bringing up the same issue in coaching sessions. It was the same result with several coaches. I would start the session wanting to work on parts of me that seemed conflicted. The part of me that wanted to go have fun and hangout with friends and the part of me that wanted to work on my business. I felt that focusing energy on one would take away from the other. I got the feeling that the coaches I’ve worked with didn’t know what to do. We would never get to resolution.

Thankfully Michelle was the first person to tell me how it was. She was honest and said either you're not comfortable telling me what I need to know to get the whole picture or you don’t know how to articulate what the real issues are that you're struggling with. Michelle reflected a lot of other honest feedback in this session. I thought we left the session like I left every other session but surprisingly the conflict between my parts never surfaced again. I was finally able to be happy with my decisions and not second guess myself after my decisions were made.


I’ve waited to write this review because I wanted to make sure the conflict was fully put to rest. And it has been over a month now. Instead of regretting some of my decisions I am now able to live with my choices and make the best of the moment. I put off any judgment and this allows me to live more fully in the moment. I then wait until I have new decisions to weigh in any factors from past experiences. This has helped me further enjoy the life I’m creating at each of the intermediate points along the complete journey.

Thank you Michelle.

Brian A



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